[Reactive Web App] Default button


I have a table with filters in a reactive web app. I want that when the user chooses the filter and clicks on enter button the table is filtered. In traditional web, this is achieved by setting the IsDefault property of the button to yes. In Reactive, the button only has the property IsFormDefault but it is not working when I set that property to Yes.

It's not working too even with the filters and the search button inside a form widget. Any help?


Hello Bruno,

Can you share a Print with the Widget Tree of the screen to saw where you have the Button?

If you use the button to submit a form, the button should be inside the Form.

You can see the documentation here: https://success.outsystems.com/Documentation/11/Reference/OutSystems_Language/Interfaces/Designing_Screens/Button

Whit this info about that property: Boolean to specify if the button should submit form that is enclosed in.



Hi Luis,

Print of the widget tree:

And print of what's inside the form:

Then, I set the IsFormDefault property of the Pesquisar button to Yes, but when I press enter, the action attached to the Pesquisar button is not triggered. Any help?