[Circuit Breaker] Great component, missing demo [small suggestion]

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Published on 26 May by Carlos Sousa
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Published on 26 May by Carlos Sousa


kudos to this component.

A small suggestion is to also "show" the actual "action in action" in a demo-module.

I fear now people are guessing what's inside the simple example.

Thanks for the comment.

In the meantime you can refer to the blog post to get a direction on how to use the component

However, as soon as possible I'll add a demo app.


Hi  Carlos,

Thank you for this great component.

I tried to implement this in a sample app and ended up with following questions.

1. How do you determine if the exception is a timeout from API while there is a possibility of so many other exceptions from APIs ?

2. When the circuit is open after a timeout exception, how do we close the circuit again ?



Thanks Ravi,

Let me try to answer your questions:

1. The validation of a timeout is done checking the exception message, which for timeouts is unique.

2. Basically the action that checks if the circuit breaker is closed has a piece of logic that allows for a request to be done periodically precisely to avoid that it remains open forever.

I advise that you take a look into the blog post about the component. All of that is explained there.




Hi Carlos,

Thank you so much for your response. I did follow the blog post and started implementing in my sample app.

For checking the timeout exception, i am using the following logic. Please validate 

Index(AllExceptions.ExceptionMessage,"timed out",startIndex:,searchFromEnd:,ignoreCase:) > 0

Another question is how do we call these actions where we have input parameters to the Endpoint URL and when there is authentication involved ?