How to set a minimum ios/android version that your app can support

Hi there,

Is there some way to add a minimum version of iOS that a mobile app can support? We need to update the info.plist file to reflect that our app now only supports iOS 11 and up. 

We use this "plugin" to edit the info.plist file, but when I do a google search on how to update the minimum iOS version, the only thing I can find is a lot of references to XCode and the target deployment field. I'm not really sure how to translate this to the plugin above. 

What about Android? What do we do if we need to specify a minimum Android version or API level?

Also, does MABS specify a minimum ios/android version?

Update: Found that MABS does specify minimum and target versions. However, the question of how to set a minimum version is still relevant, since a plugin might require a higher version.

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