why is my template not working ?


I made a template which I will include 

but when I want to use it on a reactive screen I do not see the made template

Can someone explain to me why ? 


On the widget tree, at the root of the widget tree, you're sure you're using the webblock for your template? Looks like outsystems' default to me.

sorry, but I do not see what you are trying to learn me 

Roelof Wobben wrote:

sorry, but I do not see what you are trying to learn me 

Sorry, here's a screenshot: 

Custom layouts are quite tricky to get right, if you're new to the platform I suggest you stick to the very useful default layouts!



Hi Roelof,

You need to create your own theme for that and use.

1.Create New Theme in Theme folder And remove default Oustsystem UI

2.Add you theme in application in place of OutsystemUI.

3. Remove css from Dashbord page and add this css in New theme.

I have updated your oml . hope this will help you.


Rahul Sahu


Hello Roelof Wobben

When you create your custom template you should start name like this "Template_ Name" in this way the outsystems will detect your module as a template.

Note: In your case, you just need to rename your module like this "Template_testtemplate" 

after this when you try to create new application their its appears the custom template that you created.

I hope this helps you 


pity that I can do a lot very easily but a nice custom layout is very difficult

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