[Screen Orientation Plugin] Warning while deploying: "User Provider module" not set to Users

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Published on 18 Jun by Experts
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Published on 18 Jun by Experts


Just to report a minor issue: The "User Provider module" property of the module of this component is not set to User.

While publishing this component I stumbled upon this warning:

2020-06-18 17:44:38Upgrading module 'ScreenOrientationPlugin'

2020-06-18 17:45:05Modules that are not set as 'Is User Provider' should have a User Provider specified different than (Current eSpace).

--Tiago Bernardo

Hi Tiago! 

Thank you for the feedback. We will update the plugin! 



Hi Tiago,

Plugin updated here: https://www.outsystems.com/forge/Component_Overview.aspx?ProjectId=1429

Thank you once again.