Hi Everyone

I have been learning reactive web development in outsystems, we have the Table Record with an OnSort event, I am unable to trace from where is the ClickedColumn Input parameter is coming.

It would be nice to have some clarity over this.

Thanks in advance!!

Hi Ashish ,

In Table record widget we have a property option sort attribute in header cell where we define attribute for sorting.When we going to define handler for on sort event where one option is came i.e 'New on sort client action' According to me when we select on sort client action then by scaffolding method it creating by default a input parameter for that client action i.e 'Sort by' and the value passing into this parameter from another input parameter i.e 'Clicked Column' and the value for this 'clicked column will change dynamically according to sort attribute.


Hi Rajat 

I appreciate your response, I completely agree with you.

Generally in outsystems we are able to drill down to the root of the widget which is not possible for the table record. If we look at the pagination as well in the reactive web development there is a input that is created on the navigate event, though this input is generated by the internal event of the list navigation which does not seem to be the case in table records although, what you have mentioned is true as far as for using it, but, I was referring to it to better understand if there is such a concept in react JS as to my knowledge outsystems reactive web is based on it.

Hi Ashish 

I totally agree with you. It will be very helpful to have the better understanding of such concept of react js which outsystems is using here.