Searching for "paypal"

Searching for "paypal"

Hello. I am a new user o outsystems software. How can I integrate Paypal functionality on my new eSpace project.

Hi Daniel,

I did an integration with PayPal in a previous project.
See this package, contains the Paypal extension and a eSpace sample where you can test it.

Daniel Afonso: "You are trying to Upload or Publish an Extension whose Intellectual Property is Protected, since it was created in a different Agile Platform Infrastructure than ''localhost''. To obtain the Intellectual Property Rights for using this Extension in ''localhost'' Infrastructure, please go to OutSystems' Intellectual Property Services at ''."
Hi Robert,

The error that you are seeing is the result of the Intellectual Property Protection of the eSpaces and extensions posted by Daniel Afonso.
In order to publish these eSpaces in your infrastructure, you will have to register where you will use them at .

The process is very simple and fully explained at only need to know your infrastructure activation code (that you can see in your service center as depicted below).


Daniel Lourenço

It's for a university project,

thanks, Daniel Afonso

Thanks Hugo, it's for a software engineering project.

Regards, Daniel Afonso