html form submit (POST) via Outsystems web application


Is there any way in Outsystems (Web Application) to process the html form submit (POST).

how can we post the variables to any external link (not via URL parameters) from Outsystems application.

Like client is having payment gateway page and we have to pass variable from outsystems application and also need to redirect on their payment gateway page (.html page).

Requirement :
"Outsystems Application need to create a payload and do an html form submit (POST) to Client's Payment gateway."



Hi Himanshu,

You can create a form and in the button choice the Action Type Submit this way will be used POST method.

You can create a form using javascript too.

You can use HTTPRequestHandler action too.

Hi, I have tried using the button submit action to post form input value to an external php file. The submit button only allow which url I intend to submit to but I can't choose what parmeters that I want to pass to. 
I have also tried using HTTPRequestHandler POSTRequest_Submit but still no luck doing it. 
Do you have any suggestions

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