Location Plugin in mobile application

Hi All,

I am developing an application which requires to detect latitude and longitude. For this I am using a location plugin. 

Basically, It is similar to timesheet. I have to get the location when the user marks he is in and when he marks out. I have check box for this.

But I am not sure if what i am doing is right or wrong?

I am attaching the UI and action flow.

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Hi Ankita,

You are doing right, similar i am using in my project and its working.

But it will return current location  latitude and longitude if you need to address based on  latitude and longitude you need to Map Api (google or any other)


Rahul Sahu

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Hi Ankita,

I think you need to map because base on latitude and longitude you can mark circle of area.

Because location puglin have only following options-

No you can not debug "emulate using chrome" because this a native component and it will work only mobile devices.

you can debug bu android or ios device with folowing steps

 "Click on Learn more about debugging"


Rahul Sahu

Hi Rahul,

Just to add a bit of detail on this topic. The location plugin should now also work on regular web browsers: https://www.outsystems.com/forge/component-overview/1395/location-plugin

  • What’s new (5.1.0)
    Added support for apps running on web browsers and as Progressive Web Apps (PWAs).

@Ankita, What you want is geofencing. It's in basis nothing more then a box (or any other shape) that you need setup manually and then check if the current location is within or outside that box. This can all be done with the Location plugin component, you don't need a Map for this although it will help you set things up and verify it's workings. I can recommend the Leaflet component for this.

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Vincent Koning