How to use an accrodion inside a table?

Hello. I´m developing an app to manage the actions and subactions of a company. I need to display the subactions that belong to a certain action. To show the actions I´m using a list record. Inside it, I inserted a web bock that has a table records with the subactions, and that inside an accordion.

Here is the widget tree

The problem is that I can´t open the accordion, for some reason.

Could really get some help.

Thanks :)



Put the List inside an Accordion widget.
Without it, the AccordionItem does not work.



Thanks for the quick answer and sorry for the realy basic question... :)

Hi Camila,

Don't worry. The first time I tried to use the accordion, I also didn't know that I need the Accordion around the items. I had to ask as well ;)


Just one more question... 

Why is this space showing up in here, I don´t have neither a container nor a margins on the web block... It is simple but....

It looks like this...

Sorry an thanks... :)


If you look to your widget tree, you can see a "text" with a new line character as the first element in the List.

Remove it, and the space will go away :)


I´ve actually made some changes and on the recent widget tree, that abc is not showing but the space still there...

Thanks for the pacience sir... :)

This one:


In that case, take a look at the properties of the List, and see if the Separator is set to "new line". If it is, change to None, as it will add a new line character (br) and as your element fills up all the space, this will cause a "skip" in the list, creating that space.

Other than that, maybe some margin in an element... (but I bet the new line property)

That was it. It is working now.

Thanks a lot sir :)