Is it possible to get status of timer and last run detail programattically? I have an application where a button click triggers asynchronous (timer) process at the background. The timer will run for at least 20 minutes. 

While timer is running I would like to check the current status (Running/Completed & Last Run) to show on the frontend to show the user.

Hi Arunkumar,

Yes you can get is by programattically,

System Entity

Entity- Cyclic_Job  - keep record of all timer last run and next run

entity- Meta_Cyclic_job- Keep all timer name (details)

Create a static entity with staus you want

and create a entity which can take both record in this like timerID and StausID and LastRUn

When timer is complete you can put data accordingly and fatch on UI.

Hope this will help you.


Rahul Sahu


Hi Arunkumar,

You can checkout this documentation about OutSystems Platform Timers. Further below in the documentation you will find a few metadata entities (Meta_Cyclic_Job, Cyclic_Job and Cyclic_Job_Shared) available in the System module, which provide information around timers.

You can review their attributes in order to learn how you could expose information about running timers to users.

Hope this helps.




Thanks both the answers helped me.