I am using OutSystems11 in Windows 10.

I have created a service, and an application that consumes the service, both in OutSystems. I am having a hard time figuring out how to debug the service. I can debug the application, but it just steps over the service actions when I try to step into them. I believe this is because the service action is executed in the context of the service, rather than the application. Can someone help me figure out how to step into a service action while debugging an application.


Thanks for the quick reply Manish. The article doesn't really address what I am trying to do. I am trying to debug from within the application that consumes the service, and while debugging the application I want to be able to step into service actions. 

Alternatively, I would be open to debugging service actions outside of the application, but I wasn't able to understand how to do that from the article either. The article says to:

1. set the entry point in the producer module to (this module)

2. Place breakpoints in the producer module

3. Start the debugger on the producer module

Those instructions seem clear enough, but how do I tell the service what action I want to call and provide inputs?

Manish Jawla wrote:

Hi Ryan,

check the below link:



Manish Jawla



Hi Ryan,

In your service module, select your screen modulo:

and add break point at server action that you need on your service modulo.



A service action runs in its own thread.

You could open another Service Studio instance and just set Entry point to "This module", that way you can test both the UI module as well as the service actions it calls.