How to process binary from an Excel Binary (xlsb) - ConvertFromExcel doesnt work.


I had the normal file upload for Excel files working fine but now happens that these files became way too heavy (around 150Mb). I read that its possible to reduce the file size by saving it as Excel Binary (xlsb) - then the file became 19Mb.

The upload runs ok with this file but when I want to process it in a timer, the ConvertFromExcel to RL doesn't recognize it. I get the error message: Specified part does not exist in the package.

Anyone with some ideas on how to process it without creating an extension? Perhaps there is already something in the forge.. I couldn't find it, though.

Thank you in advance!



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Hi Carolina,

I found this explanation in this topic 

"They're all similar in that they're essentially zip files containing the actual file components. You can see the contents just by replacing the extension with .zip and opening them up. The difference with xlsb seems to be that the components are not XML-based but are in a binary format: supposedly this is beneficial when working with large files."

I didn't test, but you have to unzip maybe or something else to transform the xlsb file if you need to read data.

Not sure how to handle the xslb files. But if your main issue is the file size due to data volume for which you have opted for xslb , would suggest to give csv a try. For me csv works seamlessly for larger datasets in excel.