How to remove a Native Platform configuration for a mobile app?

For a mobile app we want to stop generating the iOs app. How can I remove the iOS configuration of the mobile app? Is it even possible?

We have initially configured the generation for Android and iOS, but because of several reasons (one being the provisioning profile for iOS does not have anymore a valid certificate, and the iOS generation always fails) we just want to have the generation for Android.

Note: We are not publishing to the stores.

In this article ( it is explained how to the setup the configuration to generate the mobile app, but it does not explain on how to remove a configuration.

We thought of an alternative way that would be to create a new mobile app and in that new one only setup the generation for Android but because of the obvious reasons that this would have impact in the end-user we would like to avoid this alternative.

--Tiago Bernardo

Hello Tiago,

I'm personally not aware of such mechanism to remove the configuration of a given mobile application. That's good feedback, though.

So, if you're not pushing to the stores, how are you distributing to your users? Generating the Android build and send it to them?

You could use the "new application" approach while maintaining the same App Identifier. You can plan this whenever you need to generate a new build and do the change when redistributing.


I have same question! ls this still not available?

It is still not possible to remove a distribute application that we generated, right? I haven't found any way to do it.

Sorry for reviving this thread as this was the first one that appeared when I googled the issue. Is it still not possible to remove a distribution platform? Is there an Idea that has been submitted that I can upvote?

I do have the same question. One of our developers unfortunately configured the Andriod part. I would like to reverse this.

I have the same question. I encountered some error when generating mobile apps for android. I want to reverse this behaviour.

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