Outsystems "versioninfo" block in every request (How to get apiversion)

Hello everyone,

Im currently trying to setup some load tests on a reactive application, using JMeter.

Everything is going well except for a tiny detail, I see that in every request there is a block like this:

versionInfo: {moduleVersion: ".......", apiVersion: "......."} 

I was able to get the moduleVersion value easily, now im struggling with the apiVersion value. I can't seem to find a good way to get this value.

The only place I see it's present is in .mvc.js files, and this ones aren't generic, so I came here hoping someone would know how to get it by a request to the server or a generic way like getting moduleVersion (through a get request).

Thanks in advance!


Is there any solution to this query?

Thanks in advance.


Yes, you're correct. You should get the value from the output of one of those "*.mvc.js" files.

Get it from the "*.mvc.js" file that makes more sense (it can appear multiple times). For instance: the same apiVersion is being returned on "... LoginSecure.mvc.js" and on "... Registration.mvc.js" and you're doing the Login: then use the value on the response of "... LoginSecure.mvc.js".

Notice that it's not expected that your test would be impacted by using incorrect values on the apiVersion.

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Nuno Santos


I hope this helps, when recording the network activity in the browser, you should find an mvc.js file.

NC_Assistance_CW is the module name, wgt_Application_Form is the block name

after opening the file go to the rensponse tab, and find the server action you are looking for in my case Submit_Application , you can find the APIVersion after the path

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