[SAML Platform Authentication Plugin] Plugin not showing as external authentication provider

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Published on 2019-02-21 by Alexandre Costa
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Published on 2019-02-21 by Alexandre Costa

We installed the plugin on lifetime and on the dev environment and installed and setup the application that comes with it on lifetime, but the plugin itself is just nog showing up in the list of external authentication providers in the "User Management" - "Authentication Mode" part of lifetime.

Any ideas what could be missing? Should we restart the server after installation, or are we missing something else? Must the plugin be installed on all environments before it shows up in lifetime?

Nevermind, I solved it myself.

Hi Tim,

I've got the same problem. If I may ask, how did you solve it?



Well, the plugin really must be installed on all environments before it shows up in lifetime. 

We were still in a startup fase, so we wanted to test it only on dev. After installing the plugin on all other environments as well, it immediately became available in lifetime.


Ha! You think they'd put that somewhere in big bold letters in the instructions. 

What do your users think of the token page, and using that to log into Developer Studio?