EditableTable OnRowSave action not validating the current row

Hello All,

Currently I ran into a situation where I couldn't check/validate the current row when I debug in the onrowsave action. It is always getting the first row in the table. Just to mention, the table is populated by a local list with data retrieved from aggreagte, so it is not using the aggregate's output list as source.


Hi Junior,

You can use alternet way for that take input parameter in "onrowsave" like CurrentRowNum.

and you can use same in action like-

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And accordingly validate.


Rahul Sahu


Hi Junior,

Could you share a minimum working module (no dependencies) that reproduces the problem?

In any case, can you confirm you are looking into the EditableTable list or if you are looking into the Local list? In Traditional Web, Table Records, List Records and EditableTables have their own "List" to where the original data is copied. (Just to eliminate this possibility. I did this a few times in the past).