How to update a single field of a local entity

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I would like to update a record in a local storage entity. The only column I need to modify is the IsFromServer Column, all other columns should remain the same. The objective is to mark the IsFromServer Column to True during the sync process.

To achieve this I currently have to retrieve the entire record, modify one field and then provide the entire modified record back to the update function. This is inefficient and causes my application to lag.This is because the record could contain a large file, so retrieving the entire record is slow. This process is shown in the screen shot of my function below.

Is there a way to update a single field of a record (of known id)  without the overhead described above? 

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Hi Anthony,

I think there is no other way for LocalEntity to update single field for a row or record.Because we can not use Sql query for local storage.If you have large data into single entity you can split it two entity.

Already you have tried RIght apporch.


Rahul Sahu

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Hello Anthony,

In my opinion, you could split that local storage entity and put the large file column into a second entity, that has a LocalFormReponseId as its primary key and the file field. Call it (for example) LocalFormResponseFile. Basically, it will work as an extension of the LocalFormResponse table.

With this data model, you can update the values from the first table without retrieving the large file and you will obtain an huge performance benefit.

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Rui Barradas

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Hi again Anthony,

Did you manage to solve the situation?

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Rui Barradas