Exists in database as Long Integer (Autonumber) error

I have received the error below. I created an User_Extended entity that extended the default system User entity. 

I created User_Extended entity primary key with the primary key of the Users primary key to create a one to one relationship but received this error. I must admit, this was the last entity that I created so I may have accidentally saved the attribute with it auto generated ID for my custom extended entity at one time prior.  

If I had access to SQL I probably could fix but wanted to know if there another way.

Any suggestions


Error -

#Database Upgrade Error

Column 'OSUSR_PEX_USER_EXTENDED.ID' exists in database as Long Integer (Autonumber) but the new version is defined as Integer (INT). Database Autonumber columns can not be changed."



You initially published the entity with autonumber.

Cut the entity and then paste it again, that will enforce new table creation.




Worked like a charm... Thanks!