Multiple File Upload / Entity Attachments

Multiple File Upload / Entity Attachments


I am looking for the best way to implement multiple file uploading, with progress display.

I have no problem uploading files to the application and I have "read" the code for the Post attachment solution you have provided in the Community Forum eSpace.

I've checked OutUploader but it's qutie "old" and incompatible with our current OS version.

Any suggestions for not having to do it from scratch? (not that it would take much time but still... :)

Hello Milton

I'm assuming you're considering something like the Gmail attachment's uploads, where you can attach several files independently, and have a progress bar, right?

I don't recall ever seeing that implemented with OutSystems yet. Hope someone on the community may have implemented something like this in the past. It would be great to have it available on the Components section, here in the Techcenter.


Miguel João
I haven't really tried it but I suspect it is possible to adapt something like to work with the Agile Platform.

Update for peolpe who are searching for attachments instead of file upload

Find the solution here: