Regarding outsystem certification exam.

I have registered under COVID -19 BCP campaign for Outsystems Associate Web Developer 11 exam on 28- May-2020 at 09:45 pm IST My exam was scheduled.
System was successfully pass all the check cases. Outsystems representative started initial checking and after that he said to me, You are late so you can't appear in this exam and you have to reschedule your exam. After that i contact to Prometric team and they suggest me to i should contact Outsystems then I send email to training@outsystems but i didn't get any response yet. Please help me to reschedule my exam. 

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Arun,

I'm sure OutSystems Training will contact you soon. There are the only onces you are able to help you to solve your issue.

Did you check if a support case was created after you send an email?



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Hi Arun,

You already did the right thing, which is contacting Prometric team and OutSystems Training team training@outsystems.com

For the moment, you need to wait for their response. I'm sure they will contact you soon. If they don't, try to send another e-mail in a couple days. But don't worry, your situation will be solved.

Good luck with that. I hope that you manage to solve the situation as soon as possible.

Kind regards,

Rui Barradas

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That's good, I'm sure you will hear from OutSystems Training soon.