How to display data thru ifram in real time

Hi All,

       I updated record in mobile and when i click a button to view the details  it should display the updated details in iframe for which src is web link but iframe is not fetching the updated data still showing data before update only after navigating to other screen its displaying the updated data how to fix this




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Hello R. Karthik,

Are you saving your record in the local storage or in the server database?

Most likely, you need to refresh the fetch / aggregate in order to update the retrieved data. Try to use the Refresh Data widget.

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Rui Barradas

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Hi R,

not sure I understand exactly where an why you use an iframe, but I don't think an iframe gets refreshed by anything you do (such as refreshing data) on the screen this iframe is part of.

you have to tell the iframe to reload, I think, maybe with something like :


this creates an ugly flicker, just google it for javascript to avoid that, there's plenty of examples out there.

Out of curiosity, what is your use case for having your screen inside an iframe ?