Reactive: submenu as a Block


The use case is:

  • I use LayoutSideMenu
  • I have a menu Item with submenus (i.e. Navigation\Submenu widget)
  • when I put submenus as pure links everything looks good
  • but when I put submenus as links wrapped in Blocks (these Blocks contains only the link) the look of submenu changes; they get closer and when hovered they overlay each other

This is the standard layout:

And this is the layout with Blocks:

It is obviously due to the extra container introduced by the pure fact that I use a Block. Does anybody know what kind of CSS-rule modification / addition should I do to make my menu looking in a proper way?



Hi Tomasz ,

Press F12 key on browser and see  which css property applied on this.

not sure but you need to use

"padding" and "background"  property for this.


Rahul Sahu