Index out of bounds. Index 1556 for bounds [0, 49].

I am using OutSystems 10 Version 10.0.1021.0

 I am trying to use google maps on mobile.  I can show the map and populate it with what I need.  The issue is when I try to raise an event.  When the marker is pressed it should show the pertinent information.

Instead, I get the error  "Index out of bounds. Index 1556 for bounds [0, 49]."

I have enclosed the the oml.   

Please let me know if you figure this out.  I cant.


Hi Andrew,

I think the problem is in the max records of the aggregate GetCustomers because is only 50 and that way your only getting 50 records:

You are using this aggregate to use as an index in the AddMarkerInfoWindow javascript:

You need to improve this value.


Thanks for the extra eyes. Never thought to look there

Glad to help! 

Happy coding