I am working on a project in React Web in the OutSystems cloud.

I am using Service Studio 11.7.13.

I am observing that aggregates in React web take much longer to load than in traditional web. It can typically take more than 30 seconds for an aggregate to open in service studio, where in traditional web it opens almost instantly. 

Making matters worse, today I added in some client variables into a query and now it takes more than 8 minutes to open in service studio. I kept thinking that service studio had crashed, but I finally waited it out.

Developers: Is anyone else seeing this sort of slow performance with aggregates in Service Studio with React web?

OutSystems folks: is anyone working to improve the speed of aggregates opening in service studio, in future releases?



Hi Erik,

Please use the "Give us feedback" option from SS's "Help" menu to report this. This will send information to OutSystems they can use for trouble shooting.

Hi Erik,

Did you benchmark this on the same entities used in your traditional and reactive web app, with the same amount of records and index definitions?

I personally do not encounter these bad performance issues.




I do not know if it helps, but you can also uncheck the auto-preview of data in aggregates, so you can continue to work instead of waiting for the data.
I understand it does not help the performance, but at least you can continue.

Hey Erik,

Beside the workarounds mentioned here, please make sure you send us that feedback in the product with some modules as examples so that we can better troubleshoot this issue and solve it.