Using Highcharts Multiaxes React

I'm trying to create a multiaxis graph on react. Looked into the Highcharts documentation and just tried to reply one of the existing examples. On traditional web the graph displays fine. But when I try reactive, just does not render. Should there be any diference between the json used? 

Can someone help me? 


I can't look at your OML right now, I'm working. But explain to me what kind of chart you want to make ... because in the last few months I made several dashboards, with lots of graphics and everyone was fine. (I'm talking about react too)


I want to create a multiaxle line chart. From what I saw it should be possible by building the Json dynamicaly. In this case I was just trying to ser an example. Here is the same example on traditional WEB. Renders just fine.

Here are the links also. - traditional Web example. (copy pasted from the HighCharts documentation page).


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