Restricting developers to modify system user table.

Hi All,

Is their any possible way to restrict developers to modify Outsystems system user table during development.

If yes can anyone please suggest how it should be done.


Ajay A

Hi Ajay, 

  1. Create a role (Roles under User management) in the Lifetime viz. UserReference role. 
    • You will see various access options each environment e.g. Full Control, Change and Deploy Applications, Monitor and Add Dependencies, List applications, Access, No Access
    • Choose Monitor and Add Dependencies (decide which environments you want to assign which rights).
    • Add System Dependencies (Allow users who have this permission in their default role to add dependencies to public elements of System module): Enable it.
    • Manage Users and Roles (Allow managing users, and permissions in this infrastructure): Leave it disable.
  2. Create a team (Teams under User management) say, UserTeam in the Lifetime 
    • Add the applications: Users and UsersLibrary under it. 
    • Add all the IT Users, 
      • Choose With Role dropdown to give the set of users the role you created in the earlier step UserReference 
    • Add to team.
  3. You also have an option to elevate a (group of) user(s)' role (e.g. Developer, Administrator) in the newly create UserTeam team, if needed.
  4. Assumption (recommended): 
    • All your IT users have Default Role with least access (e.g. List applications, Access, No Access) than the one you have given to the new role UserReference