How can I receive messages from Azure service bus using Outsystems 10?

How can I receive messages from Azure service bus, topic Subscription using Outsystems 10.

I am able to push message to the Service bus by creating extension methods using Integration studio.

but unable to receive message from the service bus.

Hi Mujeebur,

We have a similar situation where we want to receive message from our services busses (Azure is one of them). The only method we have found is to create a REST API in OutSystems and leverage an Azure Function or Flow to receive the message from the service bus and then forward it via REST to OutSystems. 

This because there is no method to recieve async data via any other means (please, correct me if I'm wrong). You can't for example create a function in Integration Studio that will listen to the messages and then create an event that can be handled by the platform.

Hope this helps.

Vincent Koning

Thank you Vincent, 

I think this is the only way to receive messages. 

This will definitely help.


Mujeebur Rehman