Public User Registration

I will be starting to develop my first application in OutSystems. It begins with a login screen that has a link on the standard login screen to register as a new user. The link should navigate the user to a screen where he can enter his credentials.

The application has 2 types of users: registered employees of the company, and members of the public who need medical services from the company (practice). Because they will be entering personal medical information into the application, the systems has to be secure by law, to protect user information.

The OutSystems standard login feature will suffice for the first type of user. But I cannot find documentation relating to providing the option for a user to register themselves. Can anyone please direct me to where I can find information on how to accomplish this?


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I have one sample application around user/role creation.

Please have a look.



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Hello Leon.

The default login assumes you already have user data (employees of the company).

As you said, data protection is fundamental here. If you need to ask for data, you must implement what is according to your requirements.

You can create registration pages, email confirmation, integrate with external systems, two-step authentication... There are several cases and you can find examples in the forge. But in the end, they are only suggestions because each company/country has its own rules on how it should be done.