[Infosistema DMM] Migration creates test users/groups

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Published on 7 Aug (2 days ago) by Infosistema Solutions
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Published on 7 Aug (2 days ago) by Infosistema Solutions

When migrating configuration data tables from Test to Production, I noticed that all (test) users that did not exist in production were created. Same for the groups. Why?

The DMM should only create users if they are used in the tables that are begin migrated. I now have several hundreds of test users in my production environment. This is not only a security risk, it also has an impact on the license.

How can I prevent that users are automatically taken over in each migration?

Hello Kurt,

That behaviour is built-in on our product and cannot be changed at the moment.

We have in our roadmap the feature "Smart user migration" that, when picked by Infosistema DMM operator, will cause migration to only create required users and groups.

Best regards