[MathUtils] Unable to open Extension in Integration Studio
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Forge component by Justin James


As with all Forge components we use I want to see what this app is doing on the inside before we start to use it. So I installed the component and openend it in Integration Studio but got this error during opening of the document;

I have no idea what is going on here but it seems like some form of corruption. Just wanted to make you guys aware if it.

Kind regards,



Hello Vincent,

I made the download of the solution and can open it.

What is your Integration studio version?

Mine is this:

Ai, seems I'm behing by alot. I got version 11.0.414.0. I thought this component would also update when Service Studio updates itself. Thanks for the quick answer. 


You can update the Integration Studio and try again

I upgraded my Integration Studio and it's working now. Still strange that it didn't auto-update but ok.

Even stranger even is this notification;

The module was created with a version lower then I previously used and I still couldn't open it. Probably a bug that was solved, I'm not going to investigate though ;)

Thanks for the help!

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