Cordova Android Engine 9.0.0


When will the Cordova Android Engine 9.0.0 be added to MABS?

Starting from 3 August 2020, Android Apps must be targeted API level 29 regarding the Google Play Policies(

MABS 6.2 fulfills that requirement, but in MABS 6.2 Cordova Android Engine 8.1.0 is included. The supported Android API-Levels for the 8.X.X Cordova Android Engine are API-Levels 19-28.

So I wonder if before August 3 2020 the Cordova Android Engine 9 will be included in MABS.

Kind Regards,

Sylber Gashi

Hi Sylber,

I'll see if I can get OS to respond here.


Hi Sylber,

Although Cordova Engine 8.1 only supports API level from 19 to 28, we changed the engine to support API 29. So you will not face any issue publishing after August 3rd.

With the MABS7 release, we will update the many "pieces", and Cordova Engine will be one of them.