How do I find '%' with the LIKE operator in Filter

I am coding OSMDb excercises in the Training course.

In Movies screen, I have a search button, it allows search the Movies by Title or PlotSummary.

When I enter '%' or '_' to the search input, and click button search, the results always are all the records in the database.

In Agg, in Filters tab I have a filter:

Movie.Title like "%" + SearchText + "%" 
or Movie.PlotSummary like "%" + SearchText + "%"

How can I do to only search the movie, which has Title or PlotSummary contain '%' or '_' character?

Please help me!



You have to escape the special characters in advance.

where Movie.PlotSummary like '%[%]%'


where Movie.PltSummary like '%!%%' escape '!'

will probably do.