I have a Table Records with a Webblock inside.

This Webblock has a List Records, and I put a border-bottom to have a line to separate each record.

The problem is that I don't want to have that line when it's the last record or when I have only one record.

Someone can help me?

Thank you



I think you can use an IF to define if the style is applied or not (the line). And you can compare the CurrentRowNumber of the list with the number of elements in it.
So, on every iteration, during the list rendering, your IF will be executed, and when it reaches the last element, the condition will change and the line will not display.


Hi Henrique,

Is this Reactive or Traditional Web? Regardless, I'd add a class to the Table Records Cell that overrides the CSS for the line, in case it is the last record. In Reactive, you can use an Expression to test for the last record and set the Style Classes Attribute, in Traditonal Web you can use the Extended Properties to add a class.

To test for the last record, you can simply check whether the Table Records record list's CurrentRowNumber is equal to the list's Length - 1 (in Traditional Web, use the Table Records' List, in Reactive the Table Records' Source List).