Import classes/objects etc......

This is my first post, but I follow many foruns like ASP.NET C# Corner, Codeproject, etc.
From what I've seen, this is a very nice framework, but I've a few questions:

1- What are the main advantages comparing to Grails which is completely free?
2- I've been developing classes and objects with Visual Web Developer, can I import those classes to Agile Outsystems?
3- I've installed/worked with severall CMS, sharepoint services 3.0, Joomla etc. Is there a CMS build with Agile Outsystems?
4- Since I work in Coimbra's City Council, I'm wondering if in the near future will be web base applications for: Document management, Inventory, Human Resources, Quality Mangement Systems, Urbanism, etc?

I do hope that these questions will rise ideas for future web based applications.

Thank  you


Hi Fernando, 

welcome to our network.

Let me try to answer at least the questions i know:

2 - You can extend your own java or .net code into the Agile Platform.

3 and 4 - There are already several components available for download that you name it. 2 examples CMS  and Document Management. All components available to download are in here

I don't know if you've seen and try the platform, have you? If not, just download and install.  It' yours, free forever @

I hope it help to get started

Ricardo Araújo
It's Francisco not Fernando
Sorry about that.