How to bind table widget with REST api in Reactive Web App

Hi All,

I am trying to Consume REST API in Reactive Web App.  Following issues I have face yet

Issue 1] TO bind data first I tried to take form widget but afterwards I understand no need to take it. 

Issue 2

2] Unable to bind Table widget with GetAllEmployee API. I don't understand what will be the Source. I take  Table widget and then added columns in it.  But still Source property issue remain


Hi Shailendra,

Can you give me more details? Can you show some prints, please?




Hello Shailendra,

By your question (widgets sources are one of the fundamentals of OutSystems user interface), I assume you didn't make the Online Training.

I'll point you to the online training:

I recommend you to finish it before trying to develop.

In any case, if you are consuming the API in the normal way (built in), you have server action as methods.
So, you can create a DataAction, set as output parameter a list of your API structure, call your API from it, assign the API method output to the output of the DataAction and use the output of the DataAction as the Source of your Table or List.