Refresh Dependency is required whenever application is opened in Service Studio.

We have created a custom theme for our applications and are using it by consuming the theme in applications.

Issue right now is, the custom theme asks for refresh dependencies every time consumer applications are opened in service studio.

This repeats even after refreshing the dependency and publishing the application.

Kindly help!

Sorry, but is the consumer that asks for refreshing dependencies, or is the theme that needs to refresh dependencies? 

Either way, this seems like a circular reference problem. 

What's your platform version? 

If it is 10 or below, any reference inside the theme for consumers will cause this problem. 

If it is version 11, any string dependency (like server actions) will cause the same. 


Thanks Eduardo.

Resetting the theme editor in custom theme helped in solving this issue.

However now my concern is that the Theme editor comes up in every application which is using the custom theme and i will have to reset the theme editor every time in each application.

How do I disable the theme editor permanently without having to reset it every time?

Please help.

Hello Sushma, 

I don't know if it's possible to disable the Theme editor...

But what you're saying, is very strange. 

I would recommend to open a support ticket so that the OutSystems support can take a look at what is happening.