[IdP] ADFS logout, works first time but not second time

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Published on 5 Jun by Leonardo Fernandes
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Published on 5 Jun by Leonardo Fernandes

Logging out appears to be successful but the session is still alive and user can still access the platform.


  • Users logs in and logs out.
  • Load up a bookmarked page to verify that login prompt is shown
  • User logs in again and logout
  • User is still logged in although the logout confirmation page was shown in second time.

Anybody know how to tackle it?

Hi Jessica,

To make sure logout works you need to 

  • Use the IdP_SingleLogout_URL action to retrieve the logout URL 
  • Redirect the user to the retrieved URL
  • Configure this URL in the back office 
  • Match the ADFS endpoint for the logout



I am using reactive web app so that i make use of 'GetLogoutURl' action

For reactive app, make use of IdPReact

i have used IdpReact yet but the problem is still existed.