email is filled with unused css

Every email I send from a system I am supporting loads in every bit of css used anywhere in the application. As a result, even a simple, one-line email message has six thousand lines of css packed into it, making it very large and cumbersome.    Is there any way to exclude all but the local css from an email message?

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Chuck -

Typically what I do is put the emails in a separate module, with a separate, email-only theme that is stripped down to the minimum needed for the emails. It's not perfect, but it's a big help.


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Hi Chuck & James,

You don't really need a separate Module, you can just add a new UI Flow and configure it to have a different Theme than the module. Any Screen or Email inside this UI Flow will have that Theme as its basis.

IIRC OutSystems UI already provides an Email theme you can use, with minimal CSS. If that theme's CSS is still too much for your needs, you can always create a new Theme (make sure it's not based on any other theme, including the default Base theme). Remember to configure your email's UI Flow to use your newly created theme and you should be good to go.

Hope this helps!