[Ultimate PDF] How to hide the URL parameters
Forge component by Leonardo Fernandes
Published on 08 Jan 2021

Hi All,

I have created a following logic on clicking link(print pdf):

1) Link destination is a blank screen in which created a preparation and calling printtopdf action, in the URL parameter I am calling GetEntryURL() action and in that action I am also sending the input parameters for the 3rd screen which is the PDF screen.

2) In 3rd screen which is going to print as PDF, I am getting the input parameters from the getentryurl() action which is defined in printtopdf() action.

But the problem here is when I call printtopdf() action, with URL parameter as getentryurl() to 3rd screen all the parameters which I am passing in the getEntryURl() are displaying in the URL tab of the browser. Is there any other way to pass the parameters or hide those parameters.

You can try using session or client variables if you wish to hide data from parameters.

Let me know if this works for you.