Export to Excel (RecordListToExcel) How-to define sheet name?

Export to Excel (RecordListToExcel) How-to define sheet name?


I'm using RecordListToExcel and ExcelToRecordList to transfer user data into and out of the outsystems application.

ExcelToRecordList let's you define the Sheet name, but RecordListToExcel always creates "Sheet1".

This way the user as to change the sheet name if he wants to import back the data.

Is there any way to automatically set the sheet name of the exported excel file?

Thank you in advance,

Nuno Antunes

Hi Nuno,

In fact there is no way to control de sheet name in the RecordListToExcel tool. 

But please be aware that the SheetName parameter is not mandatory in the ExcelToRecordList tool. If you leave the SheetName blank, the first sheet of the excel file is read by default (meaning that you will not have the problem of having to force your users to change the sheet name).


Daniel Lourenço
Hi Daniel,

Thank you for your input.

In fact the idea was to get some kind of "backup" with only one excel file and with several sheets, one for each entity, but with the flexibility of the user choosing what to backup on the app interface, and backup or restore on that single file.

But the ability to choose the sheet is only available on the XLSToRecordList.

So we can use this to "Bootstrap" the app with one single excel file, but are not able to use the same process to update the file.

Anyway, thank you for your input.


Old thread that I found looking for a solution for the same problem...
Since I later found a (pretty easy) solution, I'm sharing it here (thread for the Advanced Excel component).
Thanks for sharing, Paulo.

This is great!