How to get data from database

Application Overview-

I working on mobile app, in that for login I apply My 2 custom validations.

1- ABC is my first table,( in that I store only user id and password), 

2- XYZ is my second table,(In that multiple fields are present like Userid, username, mobile, email, address),

hence only userid which are present in both tables only those got login.

come to my requirement is I want username whose login their id. Plzz suggest me how i do this?

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Hi Pratiksha.

you can join both entity "only with" and join condition like entityone.UserID=Entitytwo.UserId

And you use filter condition accordingly.



Rahul Sahu


please check this post and this document and this document. Look to this course too.


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Hello Pratiksha,

After the authentication (using LDPA), you should have your login executed successfully.

You can use the GetUserId() function to filter the data from the second entity like:

XYZ.UserId = GetUserId()

This shoud allow you to filter the data from the second entity in order to get the username and the other columns of that table.

Kind regards,

Rui Barradas