[Firebase Mobile] Not getting the notification on Android, Outsystems 11
Forge component by David Sousa
Published on 26 May 2020

Hey guys,

I was trying to put Firebase Mobile plugin to work by following the video on their page and, after I set everything up it did not work, I followed everything the way they did, I even tried other configuration examples and it didn't work, I'm using Outsystems 11 and tested on different android versions, including both android 10 and android 8.

MABS Version of the app I was building and tested it: 6.2.

Best Regards,

Sérgio Oliveira.

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try to give a look to this: https://www.outsystems.com/forge/Component_Documentation.aspx?ProjectId=4991&ProjectName=firebase-mobile.

And please not forget that the data being populated in firebase take almost 24h. 

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I have the same problem, completed all steps in the configuration and using OS 11 with MABS 6.3. I can see the app in Firebase project and also the users when they login but I can't send notifications.

Any clue on how we can debug this?



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Hi Shah,

Did you check if your device is also registrated in the Firebase Middleware? You could check that in the device entity.

Also make sure when sending push notifications to use the original app name instead of the app name from the app identifier. Because special characters will be converted and removed from the app identifier. So in my case I've an app called FirebaseMobile_Project and my app identifier is something like com.outsystemsenterprise.something.FirebaseMobileProject. The problem here is that it won't work like this:

Instead use only FirebaseMobile_Project. So with the special characters and it should work.

Hope it helps.

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Thanks Bo,

It did work after almost two days as mentioned by Camila it takes time getting populated.