REST API with Response Manual Structure

I have built my own response structure but i cannot use it in the REST response variable.

I want to get the response of REST integration with manual built Structure, how it can be done?

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Hey Abdulmuiz,

Look at this error of mine as a replication of your possible error.

Is your Request parameter also a Structure? If so, I guess you need your method to be POST (I guess you are posing your API as a GET Request). That way, you can pass a Structure as your Request parameter is suggesting. Also, set your Parameters (Input and Output) as received/Send to body respectively.


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Actually it is POST and i am posing as POST not get and it is working fine, yes the parameter structured, and for the input i am using the API structure.

My questions is how to have response in manual structure?

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Hey Abdulmuiz, 

Can't you set your Output Parameter to your required type? That way, it will be available just as you want: in a structure.


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It is not available, the structure that you see in the list for the request but i cannot choose the response one.

This is what i want to have it in the output variable:


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Hi Abdulmuiz,  

You need to pass responce as a text json type and when get this responce you can use structure

1.Here is a rest api which return as a text type data

2. THe output structure is 

3. When i use this api i get respoce is json format and use this json as a structure and get data

Hope this will help you.


Rahul Sahu