REST API with Response Manual Structure

I have built my own response structure but i cannot use it in the REST response variable.

I want to get the response of REST integration with manual built Structure, how it can be done?

Hey Abdulmuiz,

Look at this error of mine as a replication of your possible error.

Is your Request parameter also a Structure? If so, I guess you need your method to be POST (I guess you are posing your API as a GET Request). That way, you can pass a Structure as your Request parameter is suggesting. Also, set your Parameters (Input and Output) as received/Send to body respectively.


Actually it is POST and i am posing as POST not get and it is working fine, yes the parameter structured, and for the input i am using the API structure.

My questions is how to have response in manual structure?

Hey Abdulmuiz, 

Can't you set your Output Parameter to your required type? That way, it will be available just as you want: in a structure.


It is not available, the structure that you see in the list for the request but i cannot choose the response one.

This is what i want to have it in the output variable:



Hi Abdulmuiz,  

You need to pass responce as a text json type and when get this responce you can use structure

1.Here is a rest api which return as a text type data

2. THe output structure is 

3. When i use this api i get respoce is json format and use this json as a structure and get data

Hope this will help you.


Rahul Sahu

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