Assign Value to Empty test in DropDownWidget properties in Reactive web


i assign the value to the EmptyTest of the dropdown Widget property, but it does not appear in the box after the data fetch.WHY It only shows in the dropdown list?If someone know the clue, let me know.

i followed this and nothing different . 






Hi eimon, 

Can you share your module (oml file) to help you to solve your problem?




Hi Eimon,

Without your module, I can say the following:

Is by any chance, your variable Department holding any value that may cause that behaviour?

I see that you have a blank record in the list that is populating your Dropdown. If you department variable, that is of type Text, is holding a text null value (" ") it will make a match with that blank record and show it as selected. Since you are using your variable as Text Options as well as Value Options.

I guess that if you remove that blank record you can fix your problem.

Best regards,

João Delgado


Hi Eimon,

The Dropdown is not showcasing the default Empty Text property value because the mapped List to the Dropdown widget is containing an option which is a blank value and the Dropdown Option Value and the mapped Dropdown Variable is also of Text type

Default Text Data type Variable value is blank and as the mapped list do have a blank Category Value which got populated by default, the Empty Text property value of the dropdown is not shown after the data load/fetch.

See this same Reproduced scenario 

Edit: Sorry I Didn't observed, João already conveyed the same statement :)

Hope this helps you!


Benjith Sam

Thank you so much .

I found out the reason , department and region hold Text data type value.

I made groupby for them. when the new record is create and that   new record of department and region was Null , it shows blank in dropdown .thank you so so much.