API Connection Timeout

Hi - I have an issue where I keep getting a timeout error when trying to run a post api call in bulk.  I have two modules, one for our main app and I have created a secondary app which the sole purpose is to serve as an API.  When I try to process a handful of records, about 5-10 everything works ok, it is slow, but it works.  When I try to do a larger set of data, I keep getting a timout error.  I have raised the timeout parameter in my API app to 360 seconds.  That doesnt seem to work.  Any thoughts please.  I have read all the other posts here, took guidance, tried it out, but cant seem to get it to work.  Any help would be appreciated.  

Hello Peter, 

Kindly post some screenshots of your actions or OML file for more detail.



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Hello Peter.

The issue with calls usually fits into one of 4 categories:


-timeout reading from database
can you cache the query?

-timeout generating the structure
can you create the rows in advance and just read them?

-timeout writing to database
can you write to a temporary table and later to the validations?

-timeout reading from server
can you get smaller batches each time?

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I would split it into tasks:

1- upload CSV

2- split CSV into records of a table.

3-now the page assumes its task is done and will just wait for an answer by looking into the DB .(check here how)

3-send records to API in the background and mark them as sent. If you can send them in smaller batches, even better.

This way any timeout will be independent of the rest.

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The table won't cost you. And you can delete data as soon as it is sent so space is not an issue.