Integrating Mobile Application with Azure Active Directory B2C

Hello! I have a Web application that is already integrated with Azure Active Directory. I am developing a mobile application and I want to integrate it with Azure Active Directory B2C. I only found information for Active Directory but no documents for B2C. 

Dows anyone knows how to implement this integration?

Hi Jennifer,

There is no Forge component available yet in the Forge, so you have to build the integration yourself.

At the company I work we are currently doing this for a customer, unfortunately I can not share more information than to say yes it is possible to build the integration.

Where you referring to OutSystems documentation on Azure AD B2C or documentation in general:

I will check with the Tech Lead on that project if there is something we can share.



Hi Jennifer, 

Integrating with Azure AD B2C is a bit different than with Azure AD. 

Daniel already share this link where you should start. You need to setup first the user flows you want to have (sign in, sign out, ...) and then redirect your user using them from OutSystems. On those flows you can configure the callback endpoint so Azure is able to send you back the outcome of that flow. 

Please let me know if this is enough for you to start.