Mobile - Extensibility configuration & Resources from another espace

Hi all,

Is it possible to have the resource files (that contain images such as splash screens etc) of a mobile application in a separate espace? I tried to move them there and change the directory in the extensibility configuration, but I always get the error on app generation that the resources are not found. Anyone has ideas on how to do this?

Below, the extensibility configuration in the mobile app, AppResources the espace where the resources are deployed in target directory.


    "resource": "/AppResources/",

    "splashscreens" : {

        "android" : [{

            "resource" : "/splashscreens/android/drawable-port-ldpi/splashscreen.png",

            "density" : "port-ldpi"




I don't believe it will be possible to do that. I think you should picture the outsystems application as a native application on this context and native applications cannot access each others space.

Maybe try to define the splashscreen (including extensibility configuration)  directly on the plugin and see if it works?