How to use pie chart in mobile app?

Hello Team,

In my list screen where I show all data in list format, but that data I get from rest API.

My target is, I want to develop a pie chart on that list for 3 types { close, open, Expired}. 

for this, any document is present in OutSystems, or anyone suggest me steps?

Hi pratisha,

what exactly are you having problems with ?  What have you already tried ?

I guess, the api doesn't give you back this grouped information, but just a full list of all records?  

So you'll have to build a datapointlist yourself, counting each type by iterating through the list returned from the api.  You will probably have as many datapoints as you have types (3 in your example), the label will by your type name, the value will be the count.

Have a try and see 


If you do it for web, you can do it for mobile, the component is basically the same. You need to feed it some data points. 

Check here maybe?