error dialog when click "Apply and Exit" in the "Configuration tool"

Hi guys, 

I have a problem. I want to install Outsystem 11 but I don't know how can I do that. Firstly, I  a folder named bin at the same folder level as the Platform Server installation package and I dowloaded BuildTools, ' .NET Core 2.1 Runtime & Hosting Bundle for Windows' and 'BuildTools_Full.exe' in the bin file then I installed platform server installation package.exe. I run 'Configuration Tool'. What should I do next? When I applied 'Apply and Exit' button I had a error. The error is 'IIS is not installed ' but I have IIS on my computer.

* My computer has Windows 10 x64, IIS 10.0


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Hi Caglar,

You can check out all minimum system requirements for installing OutSystems Platform Server here. For operating system it says Windows Server 2019 or 2016. I’m not sure if it will run on Windows 10 x64 like you have.

If your system meets all the requirements you can follow this guide to Setting Up OutSystems. Furthermore, on the Platform Server download page you can find an Installation Checklist which provides all the steps to successfully installing the OutSystems Platform.

Hope this helps.